Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5 Key License Key Free Download

Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5 key
With the Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5 Key License Key Free Download by turning next to antivirus that you use, you protect your computer from suspicious files as malware, viruses, trojans, adware and spyware. In addition, the tool optimizes your machine by eliminating all junk mail that prevents it from functioning with rapidity.


About Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5

Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5 license key is a practical system and complete for protection and optimization of the system. He is an auxiliary tool for the antivirus software that you already have installed on the computer, so it is possible to use both applications without problems of incompatibility between them. What the Anvi Smart Defender does is to scour the system in search of malicious files. With him, malware, viruses, trojans, adware and spyware are with the days counted. This application has tools to simple, powerful search or custom and is also capable of giving a boost in the PC resources, leveraging them in the best possible way. The first appeal of Anvi Smart Defender with which you account is the scanner. In all, there are three options for you to scour the computer in search of files suspected to be Malware: the fast search (“Quick Scan”) research only in critical locations; the complete search (“Full Scan”) scans all the ends of the system; finally, in search custom (“Custom Scan”) it is you who chooses what will be searched. The cloud computing (also known by his word in English, “cloud computing”) seems to have come to stay and one of the services delivered through this already not so recent technology is the ability to send specific files for analysis so as to investigate if they are safe or not. The Anvi Smart Defender account with a service of those in the section called “Cloud Security”. There, you choose a file from your computer (or drag it into the screen) to be checked and, in a few moments, you receive a full report. It is a practical and safe way to analyze whether a file is trusted or not. After some time of usage, it is normal that the computer to slow down, because it goes by adding “junk” which overloads its resources. To improve this, leaving everything almost as new, you can use the section “Optimize” of Anvi Smart Defender pro 2.5 Free download. In it, it is possible to clean the PC, remove temporary files and corrupted, remove invalid entries from the Windows registry, destroy private archives, reclaim space consumed of the RAM memory and, finally, to defragment the disk to reclaim space in HD.
Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5 license key

Our Opinion

Anvi Smart Defender pro 2.5 key appears as a pleasant surprise in the disputed world of applications that focus on the protection and improvement of the use of system resources. The first big highlight is the interface: modern, intelligent and well organised, following a certain “default” of which there is no getting away from when the subject is a program of the genus. In addition, the quantity of resources also draws attention in a positive way, opening multiple possibilities both for those who want a PC more secure as for those who want to remove electronic waste that prevent the computer from operating at its maximum. For an application like this, with some functions well techniques, would fall well a translation to Portuguese. This would make the Anvi Smart Defender even more accessible to Brazilian users, in particular those that do not have good understanding of English. It is clear that this is not a failure, but only one detail which would make the application still better. Its operation is well discreet, with the advantage of consuming few resources and operate from an entry in the Windows notification area. Lastly, easy to be used and with great features, the Anvi Smart Defender is one of the best choices that have arisen recently when the matter is to protect the PC and let it even better. Anvi Smart Defender pro 2.5 license key below!

Easy to use.
Effortless installation.
Variety of resources
Great performance, without leaving the PC slow
Modern interface and organized

Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5 free download

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File Name : Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.5
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h

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