Ashampo Anti Virus 2015 1.2 Serial License Key

Ashampo Anti Virus 2015 serial
Ashampoo Anti Virus 2015 1.2 Serial License Key has all the features necessary to protect your PC. After installation, the program appears in the task bar to ensure the safety of machine steadily. In addition to real-time protection, Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2015 contains a tool called “behavior blocker”, which analyzes and detects suspicious and malicious processes in Windows. The program incorporates two search engines (one of which is the BitDefender) that perform scans integrals of the system for files and unwanted elements. If you prefer to analyze only a portion of the disk, simply modify the parameters of the sweep. As a negative point, we felt the lack of some advanced options to, for example, be able to schedule the automatic scan to boot the computer. However, the Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2015 brings other very practical tools to navigate with internet security. This system is integrated to the most important browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) but not for email clients.


About Ashampo Antivirus 2015

Ashampoo Anti Virus 2015 license key is a security solution for your computer that you want to prevent any threat manages to compromise your machine or the files stored on it. You regard various types of protection and can also make several different analysis on their hard disks, including removable media, such as pendrives, CDs and DVDs. In addition to localized analyzes, the Ashampoo Anti-Virus also provides real-time protection. With this, the entire file type to get to your system, both over the internet and through transfer between devices, will be analyzed immediately. You then receives a report of risks and can decide what to do the item. The program does not allow the scheduling of deep in the system. MRI Scanning In this way, you will need to do this manually from time to time. This is necessary even if real-time protection is active all the time. To do this, simply access the screen “Overview” of Ashampoo Anti-Virus and choose “Review”. With this, options to make a full scan or simple will be shown. The antivirus scan still allows user defined specific folders, even if these are located in removable disks. That is, you can analyze specific directories on your memory stick, Smartphone or even your own HD. To keep the user always informed about what is happening, the Ashampoo Anti-Virus has a notification system that shows alerts in the work area with frequency. With this, you can choose to block, delete or arrange for quarantine any process or suspect file found on your PC. The Ashampoo Anti Virus 2015 serial key account with two periods of test. Before the registration, you can use the tool for 10 days, depending on what the developer is offering at the moment. Then it is possible to pick up a license of tests for 30 days or more.

Ashampo Anti Virus 2015 key

Our Opinion

Ashampoo Anti Virus 2015 key is a security tool for Windows quite versatile and easy to use. The app account with an interface completely in Portuguese and few options to be chosen to activate MRI scanning and other activities. With this, nor even novice users must find problems to use the app. The program also has a visual interesting. The interface is organized into categories important willing already on the Home screen of Ashampoo Anti-Virus and icons are communicative. Already in relation to their efficiency, Ashampoo Anti-Virus showed to be a very insightful and Atento antivirus for small details. It is possible to perceive this in scans made by the program. In the end, in our tests, hundreds of results of possible threats appear to be analyzed. There were more than 200 threats found in a full scan performed on a PC that uses regular antivirus scanning. This shows that the virus definitions are well updated, but not very optimized. Among these hundreds of threats that we found only one represented some real risk to the computer. The remainder was referring the stored cookies by browsers and background processes of apps as those of synchronizing the cloud storage services and others. In the end, he presented a huge amount of false-positive results. Another detail that draws the attention on the Scanning Complete is that it is extremely time consuming. It takes more than two hours on machines of good performance, but during the process is showing some details of possible results. Outside this, in our tests, the Ashampoo Anti-Virus left the computer quite slow during scanning. Despite the slow, the sweep of discs of Ashampoo Anti-Virus seems very judicious, even bringing many false-positive. The app, however, is not very efficient in blocking shows and removal of suspicious processes. When a notification of dangerous process appears on the screen, even asking for the item to be sent to the quarantine or locked, the antivirus simply cannot do this. The process continues to run and the Ashampoo continues showing more notifications for the same situation. You can get to be irritating. Taking all this into account, we can say that the Ashampoo Anti Virus 2015 is a good tool to protect the computer from people beginners, which does not yet understand very much of the language of this type of app, since he account with a friendly interface. Even so, it is advisable to have a tool more developed combined with him to be able to deal with things heavier than the Ashampoo Anti Virus 2015 cannot.

Ashampo Antivirus 2015 Key Features


Beautiful and organized Interface
Easy to use
Several options for scanning and protection
Consumes few resources
Very easy to use
Good performance


Ashampo Anti Virus 2015 license key

Ashampoo Antivirus 2015 Download Free Full

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Platform:   PC
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