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Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1.3 Crack Serial Key

Ashampoo Privacy Protector key

Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1 Crack Serial Key offers a new security approach, combining encryption, archiving and removing tracks in a single application. The encrypted files can be instantly recorded in AES256 or sent by email. There is also support for self-extracting files for easy access the file from any PC. The application, moreover, works with M-DISCs that can store data up to 1000 years. Users can generate keys for password from USB sticks and use them as main keys so they don’t have to remember the passwords? Individual files, such as images, can also be used as keys.


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Ashampoo Privacy Protector crack serial key


About Ashampoo Privacy Protector Crack


Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1 serial key is a tool that lets you find and eliminate possible security breaches and privacy on your computer.
It works in a simple way, so anyone can use it. It allows you to do a scan on your computer to find loopholes as historic and cache stored, among others.
In addition, you can use the Ashampoo Privacy Protector to encrypt any file that you want to keep it safe. You can e-mail or write to disks and create a security key to decrypt these items, using any USB storage device.
Ashampoo Privacy Protector allows you to also delete files safely, without any chance of recovery using special applications: once deleted, these documents are lost forever. Use this application to ensure the greatest protection of any important data that you don’t want to stop into the wrong hands. Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1 Key below!


Ashampoo Privacy Protector crack


Ashampoo Privacy Protector Serial Key Features


In English
Easy to use
Advanced security tools
Foreign-key encryption
Erases files definitely
Maximum encryption for your private data
Burn and archive data safely with high-security recordables
Works without passwords … Use existing files and images as password keys
Use flash drives as master keys

Our Opinion

Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1 Crack is an application that makes privacy protection more simple for anyone, since it is easy to use, comes with step-by-step explanations, can be placed completely in Portuguese and has really useful tools.
Encryption is the main safety feature of this application, there are several methods and possibilities. You can save files in encrypted packages using external master keys in Flash drives, for example, something that doubles the safety of your documents. Thus, it is necessary to have a physical key to unlock the items, not just a password.
In addition, the tool to completely delete the documents from your computer is an important security measure for those who mess with confidential files and cannot risk having anything leaked. With just a few steps you can delete any item from your PC forever, without the possibility of recovery by any method.
To be all in Portuguese and have a user-friendly interface, this application can be used by anyone. Encryption, privacy and security are matters that not everyone understands well, and many apps end up being too complex for the general public. It is not the case of this: it has easy to follow explanations.
The side menu with all the tools of the app is also an interesting differential, since you don’t have to browse through various menus and different Windows. At first, it seems difficult, but soon you can understand exactly what each field offers and how you can get the best out of it.
Ashampoo Privacy Protector is a great program that gathers several privacy tools in one place: you can encrypt files, delete any document and definitely get rid of flaws and security holes from installed applications. For being easy to use, it’s worth testing it to see if you want the full version, which costs approximately 120 reais.


Ashampoo Privacy Protector serial key

Ashampoo Privacy Protector Key Here


File Name : Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1 Serial Key Crack
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h

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