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DriverEasy 4.9.12 key
There is nothing more annoying than wanting to run any application and do not have the correct drivers for everything work well. Drivers contain information about each peripheral and, in the absence of a, your video card may not work, for example. If you need to update or find drivers for your machine, the DriverEasy 4.9.12 Key Serial License Key is a great alternative.


About DriverEasy 4.9.12

The DriverEasy 4.9.12 Key is a program for Windows, whose function is to search for updated drivers to install them on your computer. The software features free plan and paid (PRO) and also has, with portable version, the Driver Portable, which can be rotated to USB, for example. It is very difficult to find a user who never had problems with the computer’s drivers, especially those who are always migrating from one operating system to another. When Windows Vista was launched, then people complaining about the lack of drivers were what does not lacked. Even for more new components, it is sometimes difficult to find the software to function properly. This can mean hours and hours searching sites on the internet and cheering any of the drivers works. The DriverEasy is an application that seeks to facilitate the life of users in precisely this arduous and tedious task that is the demand for drivers over the internet. He makes a full scan on your computer looking for devices that are installed, but not functioning properly. The best of all is that the program does this automatically! The use of DriverEasy 4.9.12 License key is very simple and does not require any knowledge of hardware. All program features if summarize the three buttons: “Scan Now” (Sweep now), “Get Drivers” (Pick drivers) and “Download” or “Install”. Another great advantage of application in relation to the other conduits of gender is the fact this occupy little space on disk and almost not consume memory during its implementation. Even when is sweeping the computer for problems with drivers, the DriverEasy does not interfere with the performance of the machine or other application. After you download and install the application, it is time to put your hand in the dough. To open the program, it is impossible not to note the “Scan Now” button, located in the center of the screen. Just below it is a list with all components supported by the application. Once the user click the button “Scan Now”, the DriverEasy initiates a full sweep in components and in their associated software, in order to detect any problem and check if the driver version that is installed is the most current. Complete this search, which is done in just a few seconds, a report is displayed, which shows if there is a problem or not. If all components are in perfect order, the program displays a message and you can now close the application. Otherwise, a screen similar to the image below will be displayed that indicates which components are not working as expected. The next step is to click on “Get Drivers” and on the next screen choose the option “Download” next to each driver. Ready, with only three clicks the driver conflicts present in your computer have been solved! DriverEasy 4.9.12 Serial can be found below!

DriverEasy 4.9.12 serial

Our Opinion

The simple interface and lightweight DriverEasy 4.9.12 key, that account of with few screens and three buttons, allows the installation of him on any computer, even in those with more processing power low. Users will find no problem whatsoever in the use of DriverEasy, since the program does all the work practically alone. If the main objective of the developer has been to build a simple program, he was reached. The layout of the DriverEasy is organised and its four main buttons ensure familiarity with the software in a matter of minutes. The problem is that the application is simple too much so. In truth, it is nothing more than a scanner with the ability to create a restore point before installing the drivers. This is your role, but there are no other embedded feature makes it limited and dated. Another fussing is that there is not a “Help” effective in service. The button is there, but to click it the user is redirected to the site of the product, which does not make much sense. By being very lean, the DriverEasy 4.9.12 Serial is mild and does not latch properly. The installation is in Portuguese, but the program does not in itself. However, the basic knowledge of English are sufficient to exploit the software.

Easy to use.
Effortless installation.
Has more than ten thousand drivers in the database.
Great performance, without leaving the PC slow
Fast Installation

DriverEasy 4.9.12 License key

DriverEasy 4.9.12 Key Serial License Key


File Name : DriverEasy
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h

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