DriverMax 8.17 Crack Serial Key

DriverMax 8.17 crack
DriverMax 8.17 Crack Serial Key is the more intelligent solution for anyone who is having some kind of a problem with installing drivers on your PC. This software is a tool that scans your computer and download the latest drivers for each hardware detected. The process is completely automatic and usually be effective to find drivers for video cards, sound cards, scanners, printers and even of webcams.


About DriverMax 8.17

DriverMax 8.17 serial is an application that allows you to update all the drivers for your system so Semi-automated. The program can identify all drivers installed and compares the versions of them with the information in the databases of the developer. The conduits that are outdated may be marked by the user and then be updated all at once. This ensures time savings in time to seek and download the internet each driver required soon after a Windows formatter. In addition, the DriverMax can be very useful for the day to day also, enabling you to always have the most current drivers and keep your computer in full operation. In its new version, DriverMax won a redesigned interface and the developer took advantage to insert a translation to Portuguese. With this, you can now use the tool in our language without even need to access the settings and make changes. Already in installation is asked what language the program should display on first boot. Once you start the DriverMax 8.17 crack for the first time, it displays the home screen with some technical information about your computer, such as the version of the OS, processor, RAM memory etc. In the right part of the screen you have the button “Analyze drivers now”. Click here to do a sweep in all its drivers and discover which can be upgraded to newer versions. This procedure may take a few moments, but soon you will give the results. All items marked in red can be updated by the program. To move the cursor by each one of them, you will see a button labeled “Update”. Click it to automatically download and install the new version of the driver in question. The DriverMax 8.17 key will create a restore point in Windows and, and after the download is ready, will cause the installation by you. It is possible that it will be necessary to restart the computer after each procedure. In the free version of DriverMax, the program only manages to do an update at a time. You have to do everything manually and wait a procedure has finished to start another. In the Pro version, it is possible to mark all the items that you want to update, and then click on “Download and Install” to do everything at once. At the top of the window, you also find a tab called “Backup”. Through it is possible to create a system restore point to which any modification or problem caused by updating the drivers can be reversed easily. If you only want to backup the current version of any driver before installing the latest version, use the function “Create a backup file of the driver”. In the tab “Restore”, you account with several options to restore Windows itself from a point created in previous tab or even go back to the previous version of the driver that you backed up.


DriverMax 8.17 key

Our Opinion

DriverMax 8.17 crack is software that may be very useful for advanced users and also for beginners. The tool can become the upgrade procedure of drivers very simple and rapid, which can save time for an IT professional to do a clean installation of Windows on a PC and can also keep the computer of people with less experience always with the most current drivers. However, it is interesting to note that update drivers can generate many problems, especially in very recent versions of Windows, such as Windows 10. The DriverMax 8.14 key until works perfectly well with this version of Microsoft OS, but the drivers may not be as adapted well. In our testing, we have updated the video driver on our computer and we face countless problems of resolution. We were forced to revert the system to the restore point created by DriverMax 8.17 serial previously to succeed in having a functional PC again. The interface of DriverMax has evolved greatly in his last update, becoming more organized and up to more modern. However, it still has a dated on account of the aspect that uses icons and color scheme. However, had no problem in relation to the use of the interface, which is quite simple, organized, and now also translated to Portuguese. In this way, the program becomes more competitive and can be a good alternative for those who do not like the most known software of this segment, as SlimDrivers and Driver Booster. Therefore, we can recommend the test of DriverMax.


Easy to use.
Useful for beginners and experienced.
More organised Interface
Support for major browsers

DriverMax 8.17 serial

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File Name : DriverMax 8.17
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h


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