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EarthView 5.5.19 Crack Serial Key

EarthView 5.5 crack

EarthView 5.5.19 Crack Serial Key offers a package only wallpaper and screen saver that displays beautiful dynamic views of the Earth with daylight and night in high resolution up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. An amazing spectacle of nature you see boxes in your home and in high quality. Want more? Because the application is still free and very easy to install. Download now!
Earthview the application Earthview supports viewing in the form of a map or globe and shows urban areas, city lights, atmospheric effects and clouds, in addition to display the local time on a clock. To increase the sense of realism, it is still possible to select your city or view that you want to have for the program.


EarthView 5.5 license key


EarthView 5.5 serial key


About EarthView Crack

EarthView 5.5 Serial Key is one of the images that most fascinate the human being is the vision of planet Earth, seen from space. Satellite photos and images produced by astronauts who passed through the various missions in orbit around the planet illustrate videos, films, posters and wallpapers on the computers of many users.
How about synchronize beautiful images of the planet with the axis of rotation of the Earth throughout the day? This is the idea of the beautiful package containing screensaver and wallpaper called EarthView. The application is free and easy to install.
However, after downloading, be sure to turn off your antivirus. In our tests it has not been possible to proceed the installation due to incompatibility between the two. To install just double click and follow the step by step.
A new screen opens in which you can configure the options for the wallpaper and screen saver. You can set the image size, scaling, as well as the central point from where the image will be displayed. The update time is another item that can be determined.
In the screen saver you can configure practically the same options. The difference here is the final image displayed. It is a three-dimensional view of the planet Earth in rotation. The highlight is the update of the image, made in sync with how long the planet takes to move.
The look is elegant and impresses with its magnitude and beauty. The application is just over 3 MB and does not compromise the processing performance. As for activation of your antivirus, can rest assured: the conflict happens only during installation and, once installed, you can go back to use it normally. Download EarthView 5.5 key right below!


EarthView 5.5 crack serial key


EarthView Key Features


Own configuration menu
Beautiful images
Interactivity even in wallpaper
High detail view of the earth
Day and night view
Atmospheric effects
Urban areas and city lights
Clouds (internet download of current cloud data)
Weather data (temperature, humidity, wind, pressure, etc.)
Map and globe projection
Seasonal maps showing changes of vegetation, snow cover and ocean ice
Several other beautiful maps to choose from
Location and local time of more than 100.000 cities worldwide
Wallpaper and screen saver support
Multiple monitor support


Our Opinion

EarthView 5.5 Crack has a screen configuration itself where it is possible to determine the update time, positioning of images as well as the point of the planet that will be centered. Without doubt, an excellent option in addition to the functionality adds interactivity and tasteful with beautiful images.
In addition to viewing stunning images of the planet Earth, EarthView works both as an interactive screen saver or as a custom wallpaper. In our tests, the only problem encountered was during the installation, once the antivirus enabled did not allow its installation (even if the application does not have any viruses).
After a certain time, the usual background blue of Windows ends resulting from it more boring. By that you recommend search alternatives that you den something more than life and with which customize their appearance. If anything don’t you think, here is Earthview, a series of images of planet Earth seen from space that is sure to awaken your curiosity. It yours and it’s all that the time in your monitor.
With the download of Earthview accounts with a set of images spectacular of our planet. A series of images in which can verse to the Earth in different circumstances: of day, of night, with skies cleared, with storms and clouds,… variations that help to form images very different while the theme is always the same.
With Earthview going to power not only enjoy of them images of the Earth, if not also customize different aspects of your presentation in the monitor, as the time that is will keep each an of them in screen, the folder of which should take them, etc. Download EarthView 5.5 Serial Key Crack below!


EarthView 5.5 key


EarthView Serial Key Here


EarthView 5.5 license key

File Name : EarthView
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h





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