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F-Secure Booster Premium 2.4 Crack Serial Key

F-Secure Booster serial key

F-Secure Booster 2.4 Crack Serial Key is an excellent application for those of you with Android or Windows system slow. All this because he is able to increase the RAM memory space and improve battery performance of your device, making the system faster.
What is interesting is that the F-Secure Booster shows the active processes, that can be deleted manually or individual, useless files saved by WhatsApp processes, for example, among others. It displays how much they consume battery and also offers the option to delete call history, Internet searches, among others.
The application calls a lot of attention. Free and very well developed, the app is quite easy to use, because their language is Portuguese, facilitating users who have never used an application of type. Just a few commands for it to increase the performance of the smartphone or tablet.
We tested F-Secure Booster and his performance was perfect. He released space in the system, leaving the Android smarthone and computer much faster. If yours is slow, don’t think twice.


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F-Secure Booster crack


F-Secure Booster Key Features

F-Secure Booster 2.4 Serial Key is a tool that allows you to improve the performance of your PC through cleanups and optimizations of the operating system.
He can delete unnecessary temporary files, old records and other debris that will accumulate over time and with use. Other than that, the program eliminates heavy processes running in the background that don’t need to be that way and also Defragments your hard drive to improve Windows response time.
With these actions and some others, the F-Secure Booster can leave your computer always cranked up so that it doesn’t leave you in the lurch at the most necessary. Basically, you can avoid it to become slow over time.
To start using the F-Secure Booster, you just need to run the program and wait for the automatic scanning done. Once the app is running on the system, it does a scan in search of elements that can be optimized. This may take a few moments, but, when you’re ready, get some interesting information to the user.
“Clean” tab, you can see all the options of cleaning your computer, such as deleting temporary files, old system, records and data files that are in the Recycle Bin for a long time. You can also defragment your hard drive.
In “Speed Up”, you can improve the startup time of Windows, optimize your web browsing and change some settings of the OS to make use more enjoyable. In this section, however, only one function is available for free. The others are released when the program is activated with a paid leave.
The same happens with the tab “Update”, which brings you a variety of options for software updates installed on your PC. This leaves your machine more secure and running better. Everything in this part, however, works only in the paid version. F-Secure Booster 2.4 Key just can be found below!


F-Secure Booster crack serial key


F-Secure Booster Key Features

Clean up
Save Power
Speed Up
Delete Traces
Improves PC performance with little effort
Many cleaning and optimization options
Beautiful and intuitive interface


Our Opinion

F-Secure Booster 2.4 Crack is a solution to improve the performance of your PC from cleanups and optimizations that make Windows more responsive. You pretty much get the way some debris that have the potential to leave the slow device. Best of all is that you can do that in just a few clicks.
There are options to perform specific cleanups, but you can also perform all procedures available at once. Each section has a button called “Optimize” which saves your time, but it’s good to check on each item before you make the first thorough cleaning.
The interface of the program is one of its highlights. Although she be translated only for the European Portuguese, everything is intuitive, and the separation of the functions through guides improves the way the user interacts with the application. The color scheme is also nice and brings a visual well contrasted.
Which may not please much to some users is the amount of blocked tools for use in the “Free” version. They are the most interesting of the program, and many are available free of charge in software competitors. Here, you don’t have the chance or prove they actually work before paying for the license.
Anyway, you want to do a test with the systems that improve PC performance, it’s worth checking the F-Secure Booster. In the free version it is rather limited, but works very well. F-Secure Booster 2.4 Serial Key Crack can be downloaded below!


F-Secure Booster key


F-Secure SAFE Serial Key Here


File Name : F-Secure Booster Premium 2.4
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h


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