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F-SECURE Key Premium 4.3 Crack Serial Key

F-SECURE KEY serial key


F-SECURE Key 4.3 Crack Serial Key is a free application for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that manages passwords, logins and other credentials of various types of online and offline service. This data is accessed through a master password registered in the system on the first use.
The app promises advanced encryption to protect your data against intruders. He tells, too, with a strong password generator of 32 characters, which can be used at any time to ensure more security to your internet logins.
In addition, the tool guard WiFi network passwords and credit card data. So, you can use the program to be your ideal companion to store sensitive information. To facilitate, your data is synchronized on all devices logged in with your account.
Now download the F-Secure KEY. With it, you do not need to worry about remembering long passwords and even having to think about passwords frequently to update their accounts or create new ones on the internet.


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F-SECURE Key Premium 4.3 Serial Key is password managers are quite common in computer programs who are really concerned about protecting your privacy on the net. After all, a good password should be complex enough that you don’t remember her – and, in this case, have a safe place to store it is something obviously essential.
The software market offers excellent free and paid options, such as KeePass and LastPass. However, it came to the F-Secure (company quite acclaimed in the field of digital security) present to the world their own solution under password management.
Working in antivirus segment since 1988, the Finnish company now offers the utility baptized simply as KEY, which has versions for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. This is a simple application – but quite sure-that allows you to store how many credentials you want within a book protected by a master password, which should be informed for the first time you run the program.
One of the biggest F-Secure KEY differentiators is its range of customization options to customize the information of your credentials. To enter a new password in your private notebook, you can specify the name of the service (or website), URL, description and an accent color (which will serve as a marking on the listing of their passwords).
In addition, you can also choose one of the 34 icons made available to represent that personal information set, in addition to using a strong password generator to create a password.
Once you have registered all your passwords, you can use the KEY in two different ways. The first is to open the credential registered through the program and click the button “Copy Password”, which put the password in question on the Clipboard of your computer (just so stick it in site to perform the login).
We couldn’t help noticing that the F-Secure KEY allows you to import and export your book of passwords, working solely with the XML format. To perform these operations, all you need to do is open the secondary resources menu (by clicking on the icon located in the top left of the interface) and select the option “Import password” or “Export password”.
Another very interesting feature of the F-Secure KEY is the “News”, which periodically brings some news related to the world of digital security. Sites hacked, stolen databases, trends of malware and other various information can be stored and read in this section.
Finally, if you are the owner of a mobile device equipped with Android or iOS, you can download the F-Secure KEY applications for such gadgets and keep your passwords always synchronized with your portable devices. That way, you can walk with your precious credentials always in your pocket, and can access them normally as long as you remember the master password used to unlock the utility. F-SECURE Key Premium 4.3 Key just can be found below!




F-SECURE Key Features

Clean up
Save Power
Speed Up
Delete Traces
Improves PC performance with little effort
Many cleaning and optimization options
Beautiful and intuitive interface

Our Opinion

F-SECURE Key Premium 4.3 Crack has always been synonymous with excellence in digital security, and the KEY is not an exception to the rule. You don’t have to spend a lot of time using the software to consider it one of the best – if not the best – password manager available on the market. The program interface is very nice, being simple and minimalist in the right dosage.
Instead of presenting his credentials in a list without grace (as do several other utilities), the KEY organizes your information in a manner that is very comfortable and intuitive, allowing you to use icons and color markers to quickly identify each of your passwords.
Although a feature apparently futile, the digital security news section is a treat for anyone who is hooked on privacy-related issues on the network. It’s always good to stay informed about the latest threats encountered by friendly engineers at F-Secure-just hope that such content to be updated with a reasonable frequency.
Your private notebook synchronization with mobile devices was also a nice touch, especially on “was mobile” in which we are living. Everyone has a mobile device and you want to keep your information (and files) most important always within reach of the hands. It is a pity that, for now, there are just applications for Android and iOS. Make a version for Windows Phone in the near future would be something quite interesting and that would increase even more the target audience of the utility.
In short, the F-Secure KEY has everything to become your definitive password manager. It is simple, beautiful, easy to use and has synchronization for your tablet or smartphone. Obviously, there are still some points that can be improved, but they are irrelevant in the face of experience that you have to use this tool. Worth checking out and keep your passwords secure. F-SECURE Key Premium 4.3 Serial Key Crack just can be found below!


F-SECURE KEY crack serial key


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File Name : F-SECURE Key Premium 4.3
Platform:   PC
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