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IceCream Screen Recorder Pro 3 Crack Serial Key


IceCream Screen Recorder Pro key


IceCream Screen Recorder Pro 3 Crack Serial Key is a program for screen capture and video, easy and intuitive to record all or part of the desktop PC.
You can select the size of the area of capture or one of the predefined formats for the software manually. Some editing options are available to add text, shapes, draw on your photos and share them online.
However, the Icecream Screen Recorder does not allow you to select the recording format of data.


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IceCream Screen Recorder Pro crack serial key


About IceCream Screen Recorder Pro Crack

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 3 Serial Key is a program that allows you to easily capture any area of your computer screen in a video or image file.
Its operation is simplified. On the main screen, there are two options: “Capture Video” and “Screenshot”. So, simply click on the desired alternative to that, then open up a small window with the related tools.
Through its features, you can record videos in HD, Skype calls and other communicators snapshots. If necessary, you can also take screenshots of your desktop.
Through the markup area, you can select a specific region of the screen to create a video or take a screenshot.
Another feature is the drawing Panel. In it, you can draw lines and add text and arrows in the image or in the video while he is captured. This is a useful tool for tutorials, for example. In addition, it features a built-in history, in which you have quick access to all the pictures and videos that were captured.
Besides having tools that are available in similar programs, the IceCream Screen Recorder offers some features that really make the difference.
For example, you can configure some aspects and modify the volume of the sound system and microphone. If necessary, hide the cursor and desktop icons while recording takes place for a visually cleaner file.
Sending screenshots is also facilitated with the help of this program, because you can save them on the Clipboard to the share, and the application can still generate a custom URL for your file. Download Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 3 Key below!


IceCream Screen Recorder Pro crack


IceCream Screen Recorder Pro Key Features


Easy to Use
Allows to capture images and create videos
Provides features for sharing screenshots
Drawing panel
Area selection
Project History
Add watermark
Add webcam
Video quality


Our Opinion

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 3 Crack is a program designed both for those who need to capture images like for those wishing to capture videos from your computer. Its interface has been designed for ease of use, since from a single screen, you choose the main options of the application.
When you select one of them, the application opens the related functions. For example, when you click “ScreenShot”, a selection tool of a specific area of the screen appears, being very simple set with the mouse in this region.
After selecting the area to be captured, the tool displays a menu with the options. So, quickly, you can resize the captured image even before it is saved to the PC, since the program offers predefined options.
You can also manually set the size of the catch. The feature is very useful, since many similar software allow only a size setting, access the settings each time it is necessary to change this resolution.
In addition, it provides other tools that enhance the user experience and make it more than similar tools. One of these features is the drawing Panel in the area that is being captured. Another aspect that draws attention is the links of the images captured, which makes it easy to share on social networks.
The history provided by the program is also good. Generally, programs that perform screen capture save all the images in a folder and access it when you need to open a file. The IceCream Screen Recorder is different, because it lists all the images captured in a single menu so that you have quick access to it was previously saved. Everything is listed in chronological order.
The system for capturing video is very similar to the images. In it, you select an area of the screen and shooting starts in three seconds. You can also make drawings and insert text and shapes.
Another very good function is the shortcut key configuration. With it, you can set key combinations to launch an image capture and start or pause recording a video, for example. If you’re a fan of this feature, be sure to configure it for your needs.
Unfortunately, the program does not allow you to configure the output format, both the images and the videos. Thus, these media are saved in PNG and MKV, respectively. If you need another format, you have to use a converter later. A good suggestion is the “Format Factory”. Download Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 3 Serial Key Crack right below!


IceCream Screen Recorder Pro  serial key


IceCream Screen Recorder Pro Serial Key Here


File Name : IceCream Screen Recorder Pro 3
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h

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