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iExplorer serial key


iExplorer Crack Serial Key es una aplicación for Mac, también disponible versión for Windows, which allows us to manage y el contenido de nuestro browse by iPhone, iPod iPad sin necesidad de perform jailbreak.
Con una muy limpia y sencilla interface that we remember un poco to iTunes, iExplorer allows us access to our files multimedia. Siendo una gran opción to pasar la música y videos contiene nuestro device nuestro ordenador en caso de fallo del disco duro, la continuity the library just you Let’s synchronize con otra librería different al de otra persona.
Además, en el caso de los iOS devices go acceder a las aplicaciones that hayamos installed. Being so see you files that it components. También los documents each application almacena en iCloud. Also to our notes, history of IMessage, listed complete incoming llamadas y protruding, etc. ..
Sin duda, una aplicación complete puede llegar muy being gran usefullness. Y as, lo mejor es comentaba que no necesita de jailbreak ni nada. ESO sí, in go a la carpeta del acceder operating system.


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iExplorer crack


About iExplorer Crack

In iExplorer 3.9.6 Serial Key, a very interesting function on some iPod models, like the Nano and Classic, is the possibility of you use them as file manager.
That is, they act as if they were Flash storage, which can store any file inside.
However, when the iPod Touch and the iPhone, Apple simply blocked the devices, so that it was not possible to access the files that were in the units.
When you plug the devices in your PC, the only thing that appears is the images folder. All this prevents you use the devices to transport files and various documents. IPhone Explorer lets you explore the majority of the files (or all, from some conditions) that are stored on the device.
Before using the program, remember that modify files and folders of your device can make it unusable. So, take care not to end up doing nothing wrong, how to delete some important file of the iPhone or iPod Touch.
When you open the program, it is possible that he carry any folder of your device. Otherwise, go to File > Select Root Directory >. It will appear a window with several different visualization options.
You can choose if you want to see absolutely all folders from the device, but this requires jailbreak, a kind of unofficial release, which can cause you to lose the warranty. Otherwise, you also have options to be able to access the Media folder (several multimedia files) and “DCIM” (the folder of photos taken).
The main program interface shows, at the top of the screen, the available capacity in your unit and how much has already been used her. In addition, very large icons allow you to go back to the main root refresh possible changes and open a species of Favorites (as a shortcut, created to facilitate the trip to some folder).
In the Media folder you will find data that is left by some applications, as well as the photos, videos and music that you have on the appliance. More precisely, the music folder is located in “/iTunes_Control/Music/”, but, unfortunately, they are organized into multiple folders, with strange names and random. That is, if you have many songs, it is virtually impossible to find any specifically in the midst of all.
If you often use the recording application, will be pleased to know that everything that has been recorded is in the folder Recordings, also located in Media. Just open it and you’ll see several files on M4A format. To copy a file, simply drag it out of the window of iExplorer. You’ll notice that when you click on a file, you can preview it through a function that appears at the top of the screen. Download iExplorer 3.9.6 Key right below!


iExplorer crack serial key


iExplorer Key Features


Allows you to view and modify nearly all files.
You can preview content.
iPhone, iPad & Pod Compatible
Bookmark Folders
Preview Everything on iPhone
Read & Write File Access
Beautiful Crafted Native Interface
Quick Look Support
File Transfer Status
No Jailbreak or Device Changes Needed
Gesture Support
Much More!


Our Opinion

iExplorer 3.9.6 Crack performs exactly the same function as the DiskAid, namely, exploring the files of iPhone and iPod Touch. This is all done very practical way through this program, which offers a practical interface, allowing you to choose which folder you want to explore.
The program shows with much better performance than the DiskAid, because it explores the folders and copies the files much faster. The copied content from the device to the computer works perfectly. In addition, it lets you preview images and audio files through the program itself. Definitely, iExplorer meets very well the role of file Explorer. iExplorer 3.9.6 Crack just can be found below!


iExplorer key


iExplorer Serial Key Here


File Name : iExplorer
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h

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