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IObit Malware Fighter PRO 4.0.3 Crack Serial Key

IObit Malware Fighter PRO Crack

IObit Malware Fighter PRO 4.0.3 Crack Serial Key is a free anti-malware and spyware program. Detects all kinds of malware, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers and spyware, without interfering in their work.
IObit Malware Fighter protection includes eight different shields offer real-time total protection for your PC. The interface is very well organized and consists of all the tasks in four tabs: General, Scan, protection and Cloud.
On the General tab of IObit Malware Fighter you get a detailed picture of how’s your computer and shows which the protections that are enabled. Use the Scan function to perform rapid analysis in the most critical sections of your system, full scan or custom analysis of folders you indicate.
In Protection you choose the type of protection you prefer for the PC. Click to enable or disable each one of them. If you have questions about any file, IObit Malware Fighter offers a very practical tool for the profile. Upload the suspicious character in the Cloud and let the technology IObit Cloud seek information about it.


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IObit Malware Fighter PRO serial key


About IObit Malware Fighter PRO Crack

Malware Fighter PRO 4.0.3 Serial Key is a program of protection for your computer in the form of an antispyware. Like any application in this category, he seeks to help keep your computer free of this type of threat. On the current situation of the internet, a tool like this is essential for your computer.
The program provides protection (including real-time) for your machine against spywares. Once installed and while active, the application remains as an icon in the system tray (“systray”) and to access it, just a mouse click. The tool displays your tasks from a single window with a user-friendly interface and divided into functions for easy viewing.
The program interface is very well organized, separating the features in tabs for ease of location. The first of these, “Overview”, shows a small summary of system state: date of last scan, real-time protection and protections enabled.
There, you can view the data and tools, if you want to disable (or enable) some of them. In addition, there are details about the last update of the database, check and total of malware and threats found.
The second tab, “Scan”, is responsible for checking your computer for possible spywares that are present. There are three types of scans available: “Smart scan” (scan in critical areas), “Full scan” (full scan) and “Custom scan” (custom scan).
A check of the type “Smart Scan” it takes a little time, because it does a scan only in the most critical areas of the computer. It would be the equivalent of a quick check. Already the “Full scan” is a complete scan. The program does research in all areas of the machine in search of infections.
This type of checking can take a reasonable amount of time, depending on the size of your hard drive and the amount of files present on your computer. The “Custom scan” is a search on specific parts of the system. In it, you define which folders and areas should be examined by the antivirus and it is necessary to choose the sites shortly after selecting the alternative for staging it.
To choose one of the checks, simply click the “Scan” button within the desired option. Regardless of which one was selected, (with the exception of the “Custom scan”, where before you have to choose what will be checked), the program immediately starts the process that can be followed through the progress bar displayed.
At the end of the scan, a message informs the success of the operation. If he has found a threat, a new window opens with the information listed. To correct it, just select the desired entries and click “Repair”. Once this is done, the result appears in the program window.The fourth tab, “Cloud”, allows you to upload a file to “clouds” so that it can be parsed by this technology. Download Malware Fighter Pro 4.0.3 Key right below!


IObit Malware Fighter PRO crack serial key


IObit Malware Fighter PRO Key Features


User-friendly interface;
Intuitive use;
Real-time protection;
Full Anti-Malware Ability with IObit Anti-Malware EngineImproved
Advanced Threat Protection with Bitdefender Anti-Virus EngineNew
Basic Real-time Protection against Malicious Behavior
Comprehensive Real-time Protection for Top PC SecurityImproved
Prevent Virus Infection Carried by USB Disk
Detect Malicious Process Running in RAM
Auto Clean Surfing Privacy Trace with Browser Anti-TrackingNew
Detect Threats by Analyzing Malicious Action
Intelligently Works in Background without Interrupting


Our Opinion


Malware Fighter PRO 4.0.3 Crack is another alternative of free tool for protecting your computer against cyber threats, in this case, spyware specifically. The functions are all easy operation and, in General, with a few clicks, you activate any one of the verification types available for the program.
In addition, it features real-time protection, aiming to prevent the entry of spyware on your computer. It works satisfactorily, as it does not present conflicts or other problems with the operating system.
The interface is very simple and very well categorized (all separated into sectors), making time to look for functions available in the program. The checks were efficient, not taking any longer than necessary and not letting the computer extremely slow during the process.
Additionally, the application is completely free and many of its functions do not require that your computer has advanced features. IObit Malware Fighter PRO 4.0.3 Serial Key Crack below!



IObit Malware Fighter PRO key



IObit Malware Fighter PRO Serial Key Here



File Name : IObit Malware Fighter PRO 4.0.3
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h

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