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WebcamMax Crack Serial Key

WebcamMax crack


WebcamMax 7.9 Crack Serial Key is the ideal complement to the crowd that loves to chat with friends using the webcam. Become a famous personality and make everyone die laughing!
You run out of free time to turn on the webcam and talk to someone at a distance. Do you think the videoconference is too cold and bored? Maybe the WebcamMax will change your opinion. Want to put text on image? The WebcamMax finds a way. Prefer to use a frame or change the colors? The WebcamMax also knows how to do.


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WebcamMax crack serial key


About WebcamMax Crack

With WebcamMax 7.9 Serial Key, you give new look to your display picture in several instant communicators. For that, this program adds effects, flashes and images to their transmissions.
The best is that it is not necessary to have a webcam installed on your computer. That’s because the WebcamMax can stream your image from other sources. For example, you can stream a video file through your camera. And the same file can be transmitted to more than one Communicator simultaneously.
You can select a variety of sources, including your favorite videos, movies, Flash, animations, images, desktop in real time, etc.
Who says your webcam broadcasts have to be dull, always with the same images?
A great resource of WebcamMax is its extensive compatibility. It can be used with virtually any software or service that uses a camera. ICQ, AIM, MSN, Camfrog, Skype, Paltalk, Yahoo, Anywebcam and Stickam are just some examples.
The effects that you can add to your image include fire, mosaic, mirrors, snow, colored lights, movie scenes, water, high relief, text and pictures. If you prefer, you can use the free drawing tool to add your own effect.
Once you install the WebcamMax, you define which programs to use it as a standard camera. Among the options are MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype and ICQ.
This program supports various video formats and image: AVI, MPEG, MPG, M1V, MP2, MPA, SWF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and others. Download WebcamMax 7.9 Key right below!


WebcamMax key


WebcamMax Key Features

Many effects
Many sources
Thousands of Fantastic Effects
Video Recording
Virtual Webcam
Easy to Share
Doodling and PinP
Work for All
Easy to use

Our Opinion


The WebcamMax 7.9 Crack is simply one of the best options to transform your transmissions via webcam in small shows. Some effects are great, others are a little beasts, but the truth is that the program has a large expanse of possibilities.
It’s easy to pick the font to be transmitted even easier to apply different effects. On some computers less “powerful”, this program can give some fought once in a while.
The basic features of WebcamMax include slide show of images, adding objects such as glasses, hats, hair, borders, smiley and others. Already the advanced features allow the editing of playlists, creating effects, masks and editing layers. WebcamMax 7.9 Serial Key Crack below!



WebcamMax serial key



WebcamMax Serial Key Here


File Name : WebcamMax
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h


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