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WinUtilities Pro 12.5 Crack Serial Key

WinUtilities Pro serial key

WinUtilities Pro 12.5 Crack Serial Key calls himself the “all in one to optimize the system. A collection of tools to clean the registry, eliminate temporary files, browsing histories, among other features to improve the performance and stability of your PC.
Who uses the computer knows that, sooner or later the animal slows down, gives cock and pisses up Tibetan monk. The reason that, in most cases, are the hundreds of files that are getting behind while we downloaded and uninstalled programs, we browsed the internet, create shortcuts, etc.
WinUtilities attacks precisely this set of problems, improving the capacity of the PC. In addition, WinUtilities lets you control which programs we want to start along with Windows-a good trick to speed up PC startup.


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WinUtilities Pro crack


About WinUtilities Pro Crack

In WinUtilities Pro 12.5 Serial Key , do regular maintenance on your operating system is one of the best actions you can take to ensure that it is working correctly. Because of this, there are several programs that can assist you in tasks such as these.
One of the solutions that you can check is the WinUtilities, a collection of tools to optimize the system and remove unnecessary files, in addition to clear the records of internet activity. The program is available in version for testing for a period of 31 days. After this period, you must acquire a use license to continue having access to all the features.
After downloading the application, double click on the executable file to begin the installation. During the walkthrough, all you need to do is follow the commands available on the screen. Stay tuned to a subscription option that appears during the process: you do not need to accept to continue the installation.
WinUtilities interface is straightforward and accessible, with all commands on the screen available in Portuguese. In total there are six different modules: “clean and repair”, “Optimize and Improve”, “confidentiality and security”, “files and folders”, “Log Options” and “system options”. In each of the items, there are submenus with specific functions.
-Clean and repair: in this item you have access to the most basic functions of the software. The options are: “Disk Cleaner”, which removes trash and recovers the disk space; “Registry Cleaner”, which cleans and repairs errors and invalid entries in the registry; “Shortcuts”, which corrects errors in the Start Menu and shortcuts of your environment; and “uninstall Manager”, completely uninstalling the programs are useless.
-Files and folders: the fourth item in the list you can better protect your documents. Here are three options: “Document saver” which allows you to put password on documents, photos or videos; “Duplicate Files Finder”, which deletes the same files, recovering disk space; and “file splitter”, that breaks large files into smaller parts.
-System options: the last tab of options brings together some configuration functions. The five tools available are: “System Control”, which organizes and manages the Windows settings; “Task Scheduler”, which allows you to schedule tasks; “System information”, which displays information on your computer; “Auto-off”, which allows you to set the PC to close in 1 specific time; and “standard Windows Tools”, which allows direct access to this feature.
Finally, you can browse the functions available through the quick guides, available in submenus in the top of the interface: “Quick Maintenance”, “scheduled tasks” and “State”. You can choose to display the information in the “Classic” Mode (default) or “full mode”. Download WinUtilities Pro 12.5 Key right below!


WinUtilities Pro crack serial key


WinUtilities Pro Key Features


Large number of functions
Clean and objective
Tools described in clear
Completely in English
Complete Solution for PC Peak Performance
Fast and Powerful Windows Clean
Clean and Fix PC problems with One-Click
Improves PC Performance
Simpler and Easier to Use
Proven by More Users


Our Opinion

At WinUtilities Pro 12.5 Crack on an application to improve the performance of your operating system is crucial. From time to time, run the software genre or scheduling one for running this task often can ensure many improvements to the everyday use of your desktop or notebook computer.
Among the many existing options WinUtilities presents itself as one of the most comprehensive available in the market. The tools available are many, allowing not only cleaning and optimization, as well as the implementation of improvements, managing files and even folders protection, pictures and videos through the use of passwords.
Completely in Portuguese, the application features a clean interface, clear and objective, in which all functions are presented in detail, facilitating the understanding of the user even if he never had contact with this kind of software.
As to its effectiveness, just check out any of the tools to realize that, in fact, the use of which can enhance the performance of your PC. The degree of improvement will depend on much of the State of your operating system, but in some cases it will be possible to realize a performance up to 20% better. WinUtilities Pro 12.5 Serial Key Crack can be downloaded below!


WinUtilities Pro key


WinUtilities Pro Serial Key Here


File Name : WinUtilities Pro 12.5
Platform:   PC
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h


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